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This collection of songs has been years in the making and without God seeing me through, it would have never been possible.  I shed many tears getting to the finish line, and right beside me was my Grandmother wiping them away...  my whole world....  I don't know where I'd be without you.  Dad, Mom, Chris, Melissa, and Coco, who have listened to me sing more words than a dictionary can hold, you are what keeps me going without fail.  I have an amazing team with Three2Go Music Alliance, that made all of this happen through a ton of care, hard work, and dedication....  Thank you for believing in me.  To all of you who are going to sing along to my words and dance around the house as I did with little Mia, Peyts, and Penny, I share this with love.  My true friends and fans continually cheering me on like Megan, and Chauns my mate, the love that you return is very appreciated and I hope you enjoy what you hear!

All For Nothin

Spread Love.  Make Music.

Three 2 Go Music newly signed Jessica Bell, artist, singer and song writer. Jessica grew up in Buffalo, New York making singing a passion and this passion quickly influenced her life.  Listening to artists like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, she fell in love with music. Jessica doesn’t just sing to be heard but she puts her personal diary in the lyrics ensuring that every word is sung from the heart. Additional musical influences include Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson. “I love how they can tell a story with their songs as they simultaneously blow away audiences with the beauty of their sound” says Jessica. Following in the historic footsteps of greats that have preceded her, she is poised to blaze a whole new trail.


       She has performed in various settings including: opening for SWV at rib fest, Local churches, Coca Cola field stadium, The Music Room, Starfields, The David Allen TV Show and The Historic Colored Musicians Club. Whether supporting local charity drives for large research efforts like Roswell Park Cancer Institute where she frequents with her grandma, or spreading love and life through music, Jessica is driven to contribute to things bigger than herself. There is plenty more to see from Jessica.  We are proud to introduce her debut CD “All for Nothing” with memorable lyrics and emotional delivery Enjoy the J-Bella Experience!


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RWMVP, 716-310-6221